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Helping the Incarcerated Find Freedom Through Faith in Jesus

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Our Mission

"To identify, equip, place, and support individuals called to be Chaplains of the incarcerated."

All Magic Valley Chaplains are required to sign a Statement of Faith and applicants go through a vigorous vetting process and background check outlined on our MVC website. All Chaplains are required to have the covering & written recommendation support of their Christian Home Church.

What We Do

Magic Valley Chaplains Inc, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides training and support for its members and Bibles and other study materials in English and Spanish for those incarcerated.

We provide regularly scheduled onsite and remote church services, as well as individual inmate visits. We support inmate aftercare programs and housing. We supply Bibles, Bible study courses, spiritual study materials, and related spiritual non-fiction books to inmates. These are used to stock Magic Valley jail libraries, as well as to fill individual requests for materials.

Where We Serve

Inmate Chaplains provide Bible-based ministry to inmates in Twin Falls County Jail, Jerome County jail, Twin Falls Juvenile Detention, IDOC Work Release facility in Twin Falls, Gooding County jail and the Mini Cassia Criminal Justice Center.

In Magic Valley Jail facilities alone, approximately 600 inmates have opportunities throughout each week to come share in worship and messages from God’s word of hope and love for them that can change their lives.

Our Service Dates

Twin Falls County Jail Men & Ladies
- Tuesday night
- Saturday and Sunday Mornings

Jerome County Jail
- Thursday & Sunday night (men)
- Sunday afternoon (ladies)
- Saturday Afternoon (Spanish)

Gooding County Jail Men & Ladies
- Tuesday Evening (English & Spanish)

Mini Cassia Criminal Justice Center
- Saturday and Sunday (1-on-1 Chaplain visits)

IDOC Reentry Center
- Wednesday Evening Men

Snake River Juvenile Detention Center
- Sunday afternoon


"As a volunteer jail chaplain, I witness the power of the Holy Spirit touching inmates with love and hope. God's light is the brightest in the darkest places. Many Inmates have ears to hear and the harvest is great in this ministry. God can pick who he wants to do his work. We are blessed to serve in this ministry to the incarcerated."

-from a current jail chaplain

Become a Member

We hope that you will consider joining with us to fulfill the mission that God has called us to do. If you have any questions, please contact any of the MVC Executive Board Members. Please allow three to four weeks for your application to be processed.

Magic Valley Chaplain Application Process

Twin Falls County Detention, Jerome County Detention, Gooding County Detention, Twin Falls Juvenile Detention Center, Mini Cassia Criminal Justice Center and Twin Falls Idaho Department of Correction Reentry Center

Step 1 - New Applicant
Sign the statement of Faith, provide Pastor letter of recommendation and letter of Faith journey and desire to serve this inmate ministry. Complete the MVC Membership form.

Step 2 - MVC Board Member or Facility Leader
Email information to the Inmate Ministry Leadership team and request approval.

Step 3 - New Applicant
Complete the Facility volunteer application process and secure approval from the Facility. Each jail Facility has its own process. If the applicant wants to serve at multiple locations step 3 must be repeated at each Facility.

Step 4 - MVC Board Member or Facility Leader
You will meet with the New Chaplain to discuss training, scheduling, facility rules and protocols and support any other needs to help the new chaplain in this ministry. All facilities require PREA and you may be required to repeat the PREA training at each facility.

Step 5 - MVC Board
will provide Membership information, chaplain Materials, assist with compliance training and invoice for membership fees if applicable.

This process applies to applicants seeking MVC Membership. All other requests to serve should be directed to the facility.

Send MVC membership information or questions to [email protected].

Annual Dues

Individual: $0.00

Optional Chaplain Membership Card $20

A photo membership card can be requested upon acceptance and expires on December 31st.
A new card will be issued each year to all members in good standing, request one.

MVC Membership

Membership is required for all MVC-approved Chaplain benefiting from the materials and programs offered by Magic Valley Chaplains Inc. a 501C3. The term of membership begins on the first day of the month following notification of acceptance for membership.

Term of Membership

The term of membership begins on the first day of the month following notification of acceptance for membership.

Membership expires annually on December 31st.

Message us for more info

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Statement of Faith

I hereby affirm that I have read and agree with the statement of faith of the Magic Valley Chaplains, Inc.

Benefits of MVC 501C3 and Membership

  • Members allow us to be a functioning 501c3 non-profit organization.
  • Recruiting and training a new Christian chaplain is the heart of this ministry.
  • Involves all local Christian Churches with a direct tie to the incarcerated in our area.  
  • Enables us to seek funding to purchase bibles and other literature for the inmates.
  • Enables us to seek funding to support both the men’s and women’s aftercare homes and ministries.
  • Enables us to support each other in the jail ministry as a group.
  • Gives us a unified voice when it comes to jail issues and policies.
  • Allows us to add programs that benefit the inmates.
  • Enables us to support the management and staff of the jails we serve in.
  • MVC membership provides for future growth in the Magic Valley of additional jail ministries wherever God calls us to serve.


The MVC leadership will provide you with the required classes, training and procedures for jail ministry. You will begin your service in the jail with an experienced jail Chaplain that will teach you all the protocols.


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Christmas Cards

Annually, area churches and schools helped the Magic Valley Chaplains organization provide a Christmas card for all the inmates in our area. Over 700 cards are colored with a note of encouragement sharing Christ's message of love and hope. Christmas is a difficult time for the incarcerated during the Holidays and the cards show they are remembered.

We want to thank the children and teachers from the Twin Falls Reformed Church, Amazing Grace Fellowship, Saint Edwards School, Lighthouse Fellowship, Believers Church and the Twin Falls Christian Academy for the work they do on these beautiful cards.

IDOC reentry
IDOC reentry
IDOC reentry
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Remote Ministry Project

This project added remote inmate jail ministry to the IDOC Reentry Center in Twin Falls, Gooding County, Jerome County and Twin Falls Juvenile Detention Center. The equipment was offered free of charge with no restrictions to every jail facility in the Magic Valley. We are proud that this platform for remote Christian ministry is now being used by other programs like AA that better the inmates life’s. We are proud of the chaplain that learned new skills to continue the message of Love and Hope to the incarcerated and the facilities that worked with our group to develop the procedures.

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Inmate Book Drive Project

As chaplains we want to meet the needs of the inmates. Having a well-stocked library of good reading materials is always a need. With the help of churches, individuals and thrift stores we stock all seven locations we serve with good clean donated paperback books. The Twin Falls CRC Reentry Center also excepts hardcover books.

Over 800 donated used paperback reading books were delivered to all the jail facilities we serve last year and we have already donated over 150 this year. If you have books to donate, please contact us at [email protected].

July 18 2023 CRC
CRC concert A
CRC concert Buhl Bible church & Wendell Calvery group
Nov 6th CRC 2
TFRC CRC Dec. 2024 2
TFRC CRC Dec. 2024 1
CRC Zach & Marilla Mini Concert 2 - Copy
Laura and Jake 1 (1)
CRC concert Leah and Evan
Laura and Jake 1
Laura and Jake
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Prison Mini Concerts

Music is a part of Gods plan for worship. We are thankful we can offer monthly mini concerts for the residents at the Ida Dept. of Corrections Reentry Center located in Twin Falls. We are blessed with amazing talent in our area willing to share their musical gifts with the men at this facility.  The Music ministry shares the love of God with the incarcerated through praise and worship.  We have witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of the men attending the concerts.


Our ministry to inmates doesn’t stop once they are out of jail. We work with aftercare programs and housing facilities to help provide temporary housing, assistance, spiritual and responsibility training for recently-released inmates (who qualify for our services) to become productive members of society.

Odds are that 70% of incarcerated inmates become repeat offenders and end up back in the prison system. Magic Valley Chaplains works to improve these odds and show former inmates they can walk spiritually and successfully on the outside.

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