Magic Valley Chaplains

Helping the Incarcerated Find Freedom Through Faith

Our Mission

“To identify, equip, place, and support individuals called to be chaplains of the incarcerated.”

Providing spiritual resources for those incarcerated

We provide regularly scheduled church services, as well as individual inmate visits. We supply Bibles, Bible study courses, spiritual study materials, and related spiritual non-fiction books to inmates. These are used to stock the TF County jail library, as well as to fill individual requests for these materials.

Our service dates: 

  • Tuesday Nights
  • Saturday and Sunday Mornings


"As a volunteer jail chaplain, I have seen the fruits of our labors many times.  Like when a former inmate comes up to me out in the community, with their spouse and children in tow, and happily tells me how they have a steady job, been restored with their family, and gotten plugged in to a good church.  That’s when we can really see some of the rewards of sharing the Good News with them."

-from a current jail chaplain

Become a Member

We hope that you will consider joining with us to fulfill the mission that God has called us to do. If you have any questions, please contact any of the MVC Executive Board Members. Please allow three to four weeks for your application to be processed.

Membership Requirements:

  1. Completed membership application submitted to the Secretary;
  2. Signed statement of commitment to the MVC Mission, By Laws and Statement of Faith;
  3. Submittal of a letter from your Pastor and a letter describing your personal testimony
  4. Sponsorship by a member in good standing;
  5. Payment of applicable annual dues;
  6. Approval of application for membership by the MVC Executive Committee.

Annual Dues

Individual: $30.00

Membership Card

A membership card will be issued upon acceptance and expire December 31st. A new card will be issued each year to all members in good standing and will expire annually on December 31st.

Term of Membership

The term of membership begins on the first day of the month following notification of acceptance for membership.

Membership expires annually on December 31st.

Benefits of your Membership

  • Membership allows us to be a functioning 501c3 non-profit organization.
  • Enables us to seek funding to purchase bibles and other literature for the inmates which you distribute.
  • Enables us to seek funding to support both the men’s and women’s aftercare homes and ministries.
  • Enables us to support each other in the jail ministry as a group.
  • Gives us a unified voice when it comes to jail issues and policies.
  • Provides for non-profit general liability insurance for MVC.
  • MVC membership provides for future growth in the Magic Valley of additional jail ministries.
  • Our annual MVC membership is just $30. Small cost for your voice in Jail Ministry in the Magic Valley.

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Statement of Faith

I hereby affirm that I have read and agree with the statement of faith of the Magic Valley Chaplains, Inc.


Our ministry to inmates doesn’t stop once they are out of jail; Magic Valley Prison Aftercare provides temporary housing, assistance, spiritual and responsibility training for recently-released inmates (who qualify for our services) to become productive members of society.

Odds are that 70% of incarcerated inmates become repeat offenders and end up back in the prison system. Magic Valley Prison Aftercare works to improve these odds and show former inmates they can walk spiritually and successfully on the outside.

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