MVC May Newsletter

Mini-Cassia John Moats

Mini-Cassia is still not open to in person church. One on One visit only. Average 4 requests per week.  

Twin Falls County Kathy Steinmetz

In-person church services for men and women are occurring three times per week, along with one-to-one visits as requested (averaging about 3 per week).  Annual Chaplain PREA was completed by reviewing Power Point slides sent them and confirming with Jim O.  County volunteer staff coordinator. 

Twin Falls Juvenile Detention

Zack Ivy reported the move of Juvenile Detention from Wright av. to the 3rd floor of County West went well. Lots of kids sick. Chaplain materials have been restocked at new location. Required PREA class coming in May. This class has added juvenile information to standard PREA class. Will be open to other MVC chaplain when scheduled. Sounds like all existing volunteers will be required to go through new vetting process but grandfathered until that process begins in May.

Gooding County

Live church services started 2-25-22. Remote option for services as needed. Corporal Anderson new jail staff volunteer leader.   Gooding held live PREA class Feb. 18th. Need a lady chaplain to help at Gooding, live or remote Tues. 6-7 pm. Dutch provided inmate Christmas cards with socks and candy canes. 

Jerome County Barry

Jerome facility has weekly services for men, ladies and Spanish inmates. Need more Spanish speaking chaplain male and female. Jerome allowed chaplain to review PREA PowerPoint sent them and signing two documents, one says you understand it the others says you reviewed training. The forms were witnessed and given to Stg. Crouse. 

IDOC Reentry Center Barry

Live Sunday morning church services are provided by Grace church in Rupert. Remote wed services are offered for inmates but technical issues still need resolved by the staff. IDOC PREA training scheduled for April 28th 5-8PM. Must take IDOC class to serve at the Reentry center. Reentry Center open for in person volunteers May 1st. Chaplain services scheduled for Wed. evenings at 7-8PM.


Tim Wood had resent problems at one of the aftercare homes. Looking at installing security camera equipment at all three homes.

Adult & Teen Challenge

MVC provided remote equipment for church services and training.

MVC Banquet

The first MVC banquet for chaplain and spouse was a huge success. Great food, fellowship, entertainment and election of officers. Kay Wolverton was recognized for 40 years of service to the incarcerated. Thank you banquet committee members. Planning a summer potluck for chaplain and families.

Brent Reinke

Strategy & Planning Coordinator discussed plans for Wright ave facility now that the juvenile programs and detention center have moved to County West. Will become T.F. County men’s facility and lady inmates will stay ay existing jail at Court House. Remodeling coming soon.  Remote capabilities coming to the T.F. County jail.

Goals and Growth for 2022

Leadership approved exploring Ministry needs for- Mountain Home, Blaine County, Camas County and Lincoln County jail facilities. Seeking God’s will. 

The inmate Christmas card program

The inmate Christmas card program was expanded to all facilities we serve with 700 cards made by area children delivered to the inmates.

Inmate Book Drive

Barry Delivered over 1300 donated used paperback reading books to all the jail facilities we serve. Thankful for the area church’s an individual that supply books for this annual program.

PREA Standards

Training & Facility requirements Barry- making good progress on identifying annual PREA requirement for each facility we serve and standardizing where possible. Will have a procedure letter outlining this training for each jail facilities. 

Chaplain Materials

Twin Falls County has resumed approved materials delivery direct to inmates during scheduled services by the chaplain. All other facilities are supplied in bulk orders requested by the staff and make distribution by inmate requests. New approved materials are a Prayer booklet and a New Testament for juveniles.

MVC Banners and materials

MVC Banners and materials have been updated for church presentations and meetings.

MVC Website

Updating website with new section for approved Aftercare providers and programs, News Letter distribution and user-friendly new look for MVC information. Thank you Rinard Media.